Kids TV and film has some of the cutest knitting in, particularly in animation!

I remember going to see Monsters Inc when it was out in the cinema, so when I saw Monsters University, this little knitted jumper just seemed to be too perfect! I’ve seen it adapted in various ways, there’s a whole host of ways of utilising the intersia design out there.

Another of my greatest works in progress, although I honestly feel I might just start this one over. Bagpuss is just too cute and the pattern published in Women’s Weekly a number of years ago is greatly sought after. Luckily, nana sheep does read it and kept the pattern, so I do have it tucked away in my stash.

I know I harp on about the Clangers a lot and the book of knitting patterns. I have also seen the basic pattern available for free online, so don’t feel like you have to buy the book to give them a go. But isn’t this picture the best? A clanger knitting! How adorable!

I attempted to knit Coralines jumper a few years back. I don’t think I was quite ready for such a big comment though. I want to give it another go at some point, and dress up as her. Blue hair? What a cool look. There does seem to be a pattern available online, however, it does not seem to want to be accessible on a mobile device, so you’re going to have to take it on faith from me. Did you also know the costume in the film is hand knitted in miniature? Beautiful! Read an interview with the knitter here

As a Bristolian, how could I leave out some of our own local heroes? Wallace and Gromit! One man and his dog who loves to knit on some weird and wonderful adventures. The pair have been the face of a campaign locally to raise money for a local children’s hospital, most recently through a Shaun the Sheep sculpture trail last summer. There were some pretty neat knitting and crochet offerings to see. 

See you all next week!