Privet Drive
I knocked, but no one let me in.

Guess what I did yesterday? Harry Potter Studio Tours! There are so many amazing costumes, let’s have a little look at some people may have missed for inspiration.

An alternative Hogwarts scarf

This is a pretty cool scarf. People normally try to represent their house pride, but this one incorporates all 4, so if you’re unsorted, fancy something a bit different or don’t identify as just one house, this could be a fun little challenge. It’s a simple sticking stitch job with tassels and I’m sure it’s not too hard to get hold of a crest to emblazon it with.

You can almost smell the incense

How much fun could you have putting together a costume for Professor Trelawny? Layers and textures and scarfs and everything. Film Trelawny was no where near how I’d imagined her (I had a history teacher in school I based my image off) and that’s what’s so fun about her. She’s a character you can interpret in so many ways with so many influences.

Not so much sheik, just plain shabby

Ron Weasley’s dress robes made me giggle when I pictured them in the book. and these are pretty close to what I had in my head, but pushed further. How fun would it be to find all the most ridiculous trimmings possible and create an ensemble akin to this? It wouldn’t require a huge amount of skill either. Find some old clothes in a charity shop and just add frills! You don’t even need to sew them on, glue would be fine, and it’s almost a case of the worse it’s done, the better!

I think he’d fiddling with a plug in his pocket, trying to work it out.

Keeping it in the family, Arthur Weasley’s cardigan is pretty sweet. This presents a number of different challenges in terms of construction though. While the first thing you need to do it collect loads of different fabrics in one shade of brown, putting them together could prove tricky. What makes in interesting is looking at woven and knitted and heavy and light fabrics all working together, which is no easy feat. If it was me, I’d look at going down two avenues. Using interfacing, or the final effect being a all encompassing patchwork embellishment enveloping a properly structured garment.

Just the tiniest bit of me was on the look out for Nagini

I know Professor Umbridge is a pretty popular Halloween costume, but have you ever thought about having a go at Bathilda Bagshot? Layers upon layers of greys and textures along side a gaunt looking face. She is being inhabited by a giant snake as well, could be fun to try and include that idea somehow.

Matching scarf and everything

Katie Bell’s coat was a revelation. Seeing up close, it was potentially the most surprising object there. A woolen coat with knitted sleeves! I have no idea who one would begin to tackle this, but I plan to have a go one day. If you want to try, the sleeves looked like they were brioche stitch.

Brb, flying to Hogwarts.

Anywho, don’t think this is all I have to say about Studio Tour, but I’ll have to leave you there today.