What a week I’ve had, running around like a lunatic and keeping the momentum going. The sun’s come out in merry old Bristol and it’s time to think ahead to the summer, aka, costume season for me!

We don’t mention the year I dressed as Elton ‘Hercules’ John

I’m not a cosplayer, I’m just a maniac who likes dressing up in a field. There’s a camping event I attend every August for Sci Fi and Fantasy fans, with drag night on Friday, a masquerade all day Saturday and the talent show in the evening, I have at least three costumes to prepare every year and I tend to tackle them each differently.

My ‘crowning’ glory

This week I’ll tell you all about drag night. I did win the ftm category in 2014. There was some stiff competition from a unicorn onesie. What I wear to drag night tends to be a conglomeration of found items. I don’t do ready made costumes because they’re over priced, the quality tends to be poor and it’s just a bit dull in my opinion. The year I won, I was decked out as Beetlejuice. I was pretty poor at the time and had an awesome black and white stripy blazer and black trousers. It was a good look. Some how a black and white stripy corset seemed to work too. I was a very convincing man. My personality may well have been the reason I won. Believe it or not, I can be pretty funny at times.

I think I got this man posture down!

Last year I didn’t enter. I felt as reigning champion I could hand the honer over to someone else with grace, dignity and pink wellies. I still did the drag though. Each year the whole event has a theme and last it was ‘The Library’. Late night drag and a bookish theme. When I came up with the answer, it was obvious. Arthur Dent. I didn’t need to get changed for bed. When you’re crawling into a tent at 3am and the biggest costume change you have to do it taking off your wellies, you count it as a blessing. When you’re taking all your camping kit on public transport, one less costume to try and squeeze into your case is the sign of a genius. A set of mens PJs for £5, a towel and my kindle case mama sheep made me with the words Don’t Panic inscribed in large friendly letters on the cover and I was sorted. Although one little girl did say I wasn’t dressed as a man or a woman.

Martin Freeman’s got nothing on me

So what does this year have in store? Well, like in the same way my black and white blazer inspired me to be Beetlejuice, I am once again taking a cue from an item I already own. Real, honesty to god, genuine cowboy boots. Matthew McConaughey. Magic Mike. All I need is a nude coloured top, a black stetson and a black waistcoat and I’m more or less there.

Bring on August!

To be continued…